How to Avoid Burnout and Discouragement on All Your Goals

Feeling burnt out and overwhelmed by how far you have to go to achieve your goals? Feel like the end is no where in sight? Maybe that it is just too hard and you will never change? Do you spend a lot of energy and time worrying that you might not make it because you still have so far to go? Maybe you are spending too much time looking ahead and not enough at where you have come from and that you ARE making progress. Take some time to look at the here and now and appreciate where you are in your journey.

Overwhelmed with all your goals
This is me packing my morning routine when I go anywhere

We have a tendency to be really hard on ourselves and always look at how far we have to go and forget to look at how far we have grown. We live in a very goal oriented world that only looks at and celebrates achievement. We don’t glorify the messy middle so we tend to forget that it is ok to be here. In fact, it is crucial for our learning and growth!

Don’t get me wrong, goals are important and planning is great. How else will we achieve more and greater things than where we are now? But if that is ALL we focus on then that is when we have the tendency to burn out. So reviewing is important also.


  • One thing I have started adding in my planner is a ‘monthly wins’ spot at the beginning of the month. Every morning after filling out my habit tracker I will think if there was any thing I am proud of that I did that I want to remember. It can be big or little but there is a spot that I can look back on of things I am proud of and to say that I AM growing and accomplishing.
  • Another way to review is to compare where you are now with where you were a year ago or 5 years ago. Sometimes we look too closely, like yesterday or last week and cannot see the growth. But backing up helps you get a bigger, better, and more clear picture.
  • Wherever you have your task list, have it so you can physically check things off so we can see what you have done. Tasks disappear on some apps and then all you are left with is all the things you didn’t do and that can be demotivation and discouraging. Instead have a way you can look at all the things you DID complete that day.

Change you mindset

Here I am going to challenge your way of thinking and hopefully some of the tips will help.

  • Realize things only have the meaning you give it. So see things in a positive light. Even if it is a hard thing you are stuck in and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, look at the present as a time of growth and as a good thing. Find a way to change how you see it.
  • One way to change how you see things from being over whelmed to peace is GRATITUDE!! You knew that was going to pop up somewhere in here right? But it is so true! When we have a heart of gratitude what seemed hard before doesn’t seem so bad now.
  • Part of seeing things in a positive light is to realize that wherever you are trying to get to cannot happen without you going through where you are now. So see this tough spot as just a necessary step in your progression.
  • Even if you look back and can’t see progress or that you make a mistake, give yourself credit. You are trying. Failing is part of life and it is proof that you are trying.
  • In Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids there is a paragraph that rings true here. “…please remember to give yourself credit for every bit of progress in the right direction. All change comes one step at a time. Life is simply the slow accumulation of moments, and each moment gives us a new chance to change directions. Even if we change our reaction to only a few things that happen today, we’ll find ourselves heading in a new direction. Before we know it, we’re in a whole new landscape.”
  • Put on those blinders and do NOT compare yourself to others! We do not see their whole story. And often we are comparing our worsts to their bests. So just DON’T do it.

Other tips

  • I recently started giving myself treats for achieving smaller steps in my larger goals. Especially for ones that do not have a real ending point. This helps to prevent discouragement and burn out because I am not so bogged down by the end not being in sight but motivated to keep going because there is something to grasp on to to keep me going.
  • When you look back or at a current major crisis or road block, recognize them and give yourself grace. Maybe you had a baby that put a stop to your plans. Maybe you or your husband lost their job and things got dark. Life is not this perfect slope uphill but is full of dips and curves with pitfalls and shark pools. Our greatest thing we can do is to not give up but to keep going even when we are discouraged and down. Don’t let Satan win!

Don’t get bogged down. When on the staircase of life we only have a candle to see a few steps ahead. Some people want to see the whole staircase but then how much more daunting that would be. Don’t try to see too far that you get overwhelmed. Be present and grateful in the moment you are in. And be grateful for how far you have come. Because you have grown. Give yourself some credit.

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